Anderson Pens 5ml Blunt Tip Syringes (2 Pack)

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An Anderson Pens exclusive set of 2 syringes, that are perfect for refilling old used cartridges. The bagged set includes 2 5ml reusable syringes and 2 blunt tip needles, one 18 gauge and one 20 gauge.

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NontradStudent Aug 15th 2020


I use these to fill converters. I dip the needle in the ink, use the tip of my thumb to retract the plunger, then carefully depress the plunger to put the ink in the converter. The plunger moves smoothly and easily enough that I can do this without spraying ink everywhere -- as happened with another, brick and mortar, vendor's syringe.

Clark Jan 26th 2019

5ml Blunt Tip Syringes

Perfect for filling converters and empty cartridges. No reason you can't continue to use old cartridges with these tools, instead of searching for some specialized converter. And environmental too!

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