Anderson Pens Loupe - 10x-20x


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This 10x-20x dual sided magnifying loupe is wonderful for examining pen parts and nibs. The lenses are 10x18mm and 20x12mm in size. The sturdy metal construction allows you to use just your fore finger to hold it, which feels like a more natural hand position. Excellent optics allow for a close examination of everything from scratches and cracks to nibs. When done, simply fold the loupe back inside the housing to protect the lens. Comes with plastic carry case.

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Janice Hopper Feb 27, 2021

Very nice

Nice, compact loupe that comes in a sturdy carrying case. I like it. I have another that's 30x, but sometimes that's a little strong for my very basic needs. This one works well.

ChrisLJ Nov 10, 2018


A very nice little tool for inspecting nibs and such, with decent magnification. Well made for the money and has a plastic case for storage. Very glad I bought one while still available.

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