Anderson Pens 2000 Grit Sanding Square - 10 Pack

Anderson Pens

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Use the same tools as the professionals! If you've ever seen Richard Binder repair nibs at pen shows, you've seen him use these small one inch by one inch sanding squares. sometimes referred to as "Red Squares" because the backing used to be red (the backing is now grey).

This very coarse paper is used as an initial step in the polishing and smoothing process but can do damage to your nib if used incorrectly. Not all nibs will need this coarse paper to be smoothed. Anderson Pens is not responsible for any damage done to any nib as a result of mis-use. When in doubt, contact a professional. Make sure to follow up the smoothing process with the micro-mesh buffing stick, then Mylar for best results. This listing is for a pack of ten 1-inch squares.

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