Anderson Pens #6 Steel Nib - Gold, 1.1mm Stub

Anderson Pens

Nib Material:
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Our Anderson Pens own German-made #6 single-tone gold plated steel 1.1mm Stub fountain pen replacement nib by JoWo can be used with any pen that has a #6 sized nib, including, but not limited to many Monteverde, Conklin, and Franklin-Christoph, Edison and modern Esterbrook pens, as well as most others that accept standard modern #6 nibs. This 1.1mm Stub nib will add flair to your writing with thin cross strokes and wider downstrokes. In a rolling redesign of the engravings, the scrolling floral patterns on the nibs have been removed as of 2021.

Please note that our 1st version of these nibs were two-toned, but JoWo has since changed to single-tone gold-plated.

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