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Anderson Pens #6 Steel Nib - Gold, Extra Fine


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Anderson Pens own German-made #6 gold steel Extra Fine fountain pen replacement nib by JoWo can be used with any pen that has a #6 sized nib, including, but not limited to many Monteverde, Conklin, and Noodler's pens, as well as most others that accept standard modern #6 nibs. 

Please note that our 1st version of these nibs were two-toned, but Jowo has since changed to single tone gold plated.

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Daniel Di Battista Nov 05, 2018

Anderson #6 Extra Fine Nib

Purchased this nib to replace the existing fine nib on my Jinhao 450 fountina pen. Though the existing nib was working fine I just wanted a finer line. Anderson did the trick and I am very pleased with the nibs performance and the fine line it delivers. Great Job ... !

Mark May 24, 2018

Smooth nib

I have a Jinhao X450 and the nib that came it was fairly scratchy and it was too broad. The XF nib I ordered is significantly smoother and the line width is perfect for me.

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