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Anderson Pens #6 Steel Nib - Silver, 1.1mm Stub

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Anderson Pens own German-made #6 steel 1.1mm stub fountain pen replacement nib by JoWo can be used with any pen that has a #6 sized nib, including, but not limited to many Monteverde, Conklin, and Noodler's pens, as well as most others that accept standard modern #6 nibs. This 1.1mm stub nib will add flair to your writing with thin cross strokes and wider downstrokes.

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7 Reviews

NontradStudent Mar 15, 2021

Problem: Solved

I have a stub nib in a Conklin that starts hard, sometimes chopping off the entirety of the initial stroke and sometimes just writing one side of it until the ink gets started flowing right. It is nowhere as reliable as the same width stub nib in a Pilot Metropolitan. With this nib in the Conklin, it is as reliable a writer as the Pilot Metro is, starting with the full width of the stroke every time I use it.. That's saying something.

James Jun 14, 2020

Very smooth nib

Got this to put in my Namisu Titanium Ixion. It replaces the Bock nib perfectly using the Bock feed. The nib is smooth and flows well, writes very good.

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