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Anderson Pens #6 Steel Nib - Silver, 1.5mm Stub

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Anderson Pens own German-made #6 steel 1.5mm stub fountain pen replacement nib by JoWo can be used with any pen that has a #6 sized nib, including, but not limited to many Monteverde, Conklin, and Noodler's Ahab, Konrad, and Neponset. This 1.5mm Stub nib will add flair to your writing with thin cross strokes and wider downstrokes.

4 Reviews

susan Nov 20th 2017

#6 steel 1.5 Italic nib

Excellent replacement nib for a change of pace with any pen that accepts it.

sue Nov 20th 2017

anderson 1.5 nib-steel

flows well but not too wet.Easy to use,will help your penmanship. Company is excellent. Good people, communication,products and service.

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