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Anderson Pens #6 Steel Nib - Silver, Extra Fine

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Anderson Pens own German-made #6 steel Extra Fine fountain pen replacement nib by JoWo can be used with any pen that has a #6 sized nib, including, but not limited to many Monteverde, Conklin, and Noodler's pens, as well as most others that accept standard modern #6 nibs. 

8 Reviews

Eric Jun 29, 2019

Great replacement nib

I've enjoyed JoWo nibs in the past, and this EF didn't disappoint. Used it to rescue a PenBBS bulkfiller that was writing way too wetly. This nib behaves excellently in the pen, and is true to the labeled line width. Tines were well aligned. Ran it briefly across a tri-grit smoothing stick to reduce a little feedback, and it's writing on par with my finest steel nib pens. Glad I made the small investment in this nib to return this pen to my normal rotation.

Steven Oct 11, 2018

Difference maker

With an EF nib, you've almost got to expect some feedback, right? This is an extra fine nib. But I'm impressed with the quality and the amazing difference that the AP nibs can make when swapped into a cheap pen. Kudos to AP for offering these at a very fair price!

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