Anderson Pens Bulb Syringe


This 2 ounce bulb syringe is terrific for use in flushing out nibs and feeds, sections, and other parts. The bulb syringe helps to force a higher volume of water through dirty pen parts better and faster than a converter or the pen's filling system by itself. The end of the bulb syringe can also be trimmed to allow an easier over pen sections. Durable material, will last a long time.

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Don Arrendale Feb 3rd 2021

Great Bulb Syringe

Nothing special, just a regular bulb syringe. Much cheaper than the ones at the drug store and works perfectly to flush my fountain pens. Very satisfied!

Jeffrey H Smith Jan 22nd 2021

Bulb Syringe

Although intended for medical purposes, this is ideal for flushing a variety of pens and is easily customizable to fit sizes needed. Perfect for the job!

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