Anderson Pens Bulb Syringe


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This 2 ounce bulb syringe is terrific for use in flushing out nibs and feeds, sections, and other parts. The bulb syringe helps to force a higher volume of water through dirty pen parts better and faster than a converter or the pen's filling system by itself. The end of the bulb syringe can also be trimmed to allow an easier over pen sections. Durable material, will last a long time.

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Greg May May 05, 2021

Don't know how I got along without it

This simple tool drastically cuts the time to flush pens. (At least, those that disassemble to the degree necessary to use this? No more drawing and expelling water dozens of time with the converter or piston.

Don Arrendale Feb 03, 2021

Great Bulb Syringe

Nothing special, just a regular bulb syringe. Much cheaper than the ones at the drug store and works perfectly to flush my fountain pens. Very satisfied!

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