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Yes, this is a silicone coaster. BUT, while refilling your fountain pen, do you really want to risk ruining a favorite coaster, or risk permanently staining your desk, table or counter top with just a flimsy napkin or paper towel?

Our Anderson Pens Desk Saver is made of silicone, with a non-skid bottom and a top side of 3D concave dots with a lip around the perimeter of the 4 inch circle. Simply place your bottle of ink on the dots to hold it steady while filling your fountain pen. In case of leaks, the Desk Saver comes to the rescue in several ways! The outer lip helps contain bigger messes, the 3D dots keeps the bottle raised above the bottom of the pad, and the space in between can collect any drips or spills, all to keep your desk or table top from getting stained. 

The Anderson Pens Desk Saver can be washed by hand, or in the dish washer. We recommend just rinsing by hand for best results, and let it sit to dry.

BUT WAIT, there's MORE!!! This also works great as an ink bottle opener! For those caps that are really tight, or hard on the hands (I'm looking at you, Cross ink bottles!) or for bottles that are overfull and stain your hands when opening, these silicone Desk Savers also save your hands when opening a tight bottle cap. 

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