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Accidents happen, and with fountain pen ink, it can get messy and stain your fingers! Try our Anderson Pens Hand Cleaner and Ink Remover for a safe, fast and effective ink removal process. The slightly abrasive walnut shell based formula works to get into all of the nooks and crannies and ridges on your fingers and hands, and the skin softening ingredients keep this from drying out your hands. The non-petroleum based formula is an excellent environmentally-conscious option. 

To use, apply the product to your hands, gently lather/scrub for several seconds or as needed, then rinse with water. Repeat as needed for tough stains. While we cannot guarantee that this (or anything) will remove EVERY ink stain you may experience (you know what ink I'm talking about), this will greatly reduce the unsightly ink stains you may create. Your hands will also feel smooth, and not dried out or rough.

Please note, that this is sold by weight in an oversized jar so that you can dip your fingers in a new jar without it overflowing. For those who are sensitive to fragrance, this does have a slight apple-cinnamon scent.

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