Klean Karats

Anderson Pens Klean Karats Metal Polish Cloth


Anderson Pens Klean Karats polish cloth is an excellent and thick polish cloth for all metals. When you think your usual polish cloth has done it's job, run a Klean Karats cloth over it to see what you missed! Long lasting and high quality, this cloth will last for years. Once you use one you'll never go back to your old cloth! Do not wash.

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Matt Aug 27, 2018

This cloth is magic, if you are restoring or even just cleaning up a new pen, buy this.

I didn’t think a cloth could make such a difference, but within in a few wipes on a vintage Conklin endura nib I was blown away, it looks brand new. Sparkly, shiny, you name it. Some gentle brushing of the cloth on the clip and cap bands brung the shine right back. Just be aware, excessive use could possibly strip the finish off of vintage parts and reveal brassing. Go slow and you will not be disappointed.

Philip May 24, 2018

Nice cloth

Just when you think your gold or silver pen is shiny, take this cloth to it and it really sparkles. This is well made and will last a long time.

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