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Anderson Pens Mylar Nib Smoothing Film (2 Pack)


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A 2-pack set of 5.5" x 4.5" mylar nib smoothing sheets in 2 different grits - .3 micron is light blue and 1.0 micron is pink. These sheets are perfect for final passes when smoothing your nibs. These are much finer than micro-mesh, even the 12,000 grit Micro-mesh sheets or pads. These are considered abrasive to your nibs and pen bodies, even if they do not feel rough to the touch. For best results, ink or fill your pen with water before using and put the shiny side of the mylar down when using.

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Don Arrendale Feb 03, 2021

Great Tools for Fountain Pen Nibs!

I purchased these to smooth my nibs, but didn't use them after I went through the different grits in the sanding pads. I will keep these incase I need them for future use, but haven't used them yet. Good tools to have around for pen maintenance.

Joe Narcisse May 29, 2018

Smoothing Film Needed

I had a fountain pen nib that needed some tuning so I looked to Anderson Pens for the items I needed. They have all your pen and stationery needs.

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