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Our Anderson Pens Nib Smoothing Practice Kit gives you all of the basic nib smoothing supplies you might need in 1 pre-assembled kit. We include 5 Silver Palladium Iridium Tip nibs and an E+M Saggitarius dip pen nib holder (please note, the color of the nib holder will vary, based on in stock availability), a 10 pack of 2000 grit sanding squares, a 2 pack of Mylar smoothing film, a Micro-Mesh 12,000 grit sheet, a 2 pack of brass flossing sheet, and a tri-grade buffer stick.

These are all full sized products that we normally sell at a reduced price for the kit. If you have ever thought about trying your hand at smoothing or adjusting your fountain pen nibs but were afraid to ruin one of your good pens, practice on these nibs instead!!

Think you might need more practice? Add another 5 nibs for just $3.75 more by checking the box above!


Info about the nibs that are included:

The Palladium Silver Gold Plated Pen Nib, ca 1930's are iridium tipped, and have no nib size marking, but appear to be a fine to medium point. Some plating loss is evident on some nibs (most are better than the nib shown). These nib were originally intended as replacements for fountain pen nibs, but these could also be used as dip pen nibs. 

The nib measures approximately 5.5mm in width at base, and 26mm long. Please note, vintage nibs do not size like modern nibs, and we cannot guarantee how well these will fit with other feed and section combinations. these are excellent for practicing nib smoothing and grinding skills.


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