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Our own Anderson Pens Pen Flush - The BEST way to clean your fountain pen! When cool water alone won't clean your pen fast enough or thoroughly enough, our Anderson Pens Pen Flush does the trick! Safe for use on both vintage and modern fountain pens, our pen flush helps to improve ink flow, eliminates leftover color when changing inks, and eliminates most general clogs, skipping or inconsistent writing issues.

To use:

First, empty your pen of ink and give it a flush and fill with cool clean water. This will remove the largest amount of ink and residue left in your pen, so that the Pen Flush can work most efficiently.

Second, flush and fill your pen with our Anderson Pens Pen Flush. You can either decant a small amount into a sample vial, glass shot glass, or something similar, OR you can simply flush and fill with the pen flush directly into the bottle, if you prefer. Do this 3-5 times.

Third, flush and fill 3 or 4 times with cool fresh water. This will rinse out the remaining pen flush, so that your ink sac or converter is as fresh and clean as possible.

Finally, ink it up with fresh ink or store your pen safely until you plan to use your pen again.

** Do not ingest and keep away from your eyes. Keep away from small children and pets. This does contain ammonia.

Try our Anderson Pens Soaker Glass, it is perfect for soaking a clogged nib!

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