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Anderson Pens Replacement 3-Piece Hanging Pressure Bar - 62mm

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Made for Anderson Pens, this replacement 62mm 3-Piece Hanging Pressure Bar fits small button fillers.  One part of the bar hangs on the outside of the button hole to keep the bar in place. 

Please note: Price is per Bar.

2 Reviews

Paul Herman Apr 08, 2021

Just what I needed!

I got a Parker that needed a new pressure bar (original one was basically just rust.) This is exactly what I needed to get a great old pen working again! I've gotten a few things from Anderson Pens, and am always impressed with the quality and service.

Judy May 07, 2020

Perfect replacement

I had a rusty crusty one in a vintage pen I picked up at a flea market. Worth the price to get a brand new one that is effortless and smooth acting. Great upgrade for my vintage pen.

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