Anderson Pens Replacement J-Bar - 54mm


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Made for Anderson Pens, this 54mm J-Bar is one of the most common sizes of J bar. This is the J-Bar size that you need for your Esterbrook Dollar Pen or Transitional. For J, LJ, SJ model Esterbrooks, use the 48mm J bar instead. If you need to trim to fit your pen, trace the profile of the bar, trim a few mm at a time at the back J bend of the bar and then re-bend to shape. Please note: Price is per J-Bar.

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David Wiersbe Oct 3rd 2019

54mm J-bar

This bar is well-made and fits a number of pen brands. It can be modified a bit
(re-shaped, trimmed) to more precisely fit in a pen barrel. Anderson Pens keeps
this in stock, so I'm never caught short. Same is true for the 62mm J-bar.

Robbin Allan Dec 8th 2018

Pressure bar

I have used these pressure bars before, repairing vintage Esterbrooks. When I bought a lot of Wearever lever fills on e-bay, it seemed like a good way to start repairs. They work Perfectly. Thanks Anderson Pens for stocking such a useful item. Sincerely, Robbin

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