Anderson Pens Section Sealant (10ml Jar)

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An Anderson Pens exclusive, this 10ml jar of section sealant comes in a new oversized container to help with the application of the sealant on to threads during restoration. This rosin-based sealant has a low softening point making it ideal for sealing Sheaffer Touchdown, Snorkel, PFM and other threaded joints. Parker 51 hoods should be sealed with shellac, not this sealant. We recommend using a wood toothpick and a heat gun to pick out a tiny bit of sealant, then soften before applying to threads. The sealant cools quickly, so a slight re-heating of the sealant may be necessary before threading parts together. Naptha free. For most people, unless you do a lot of repairs, this will be a lifetime supply.

Please note, sealant may gradually shift in transit. We recommend allowing to sit on a flat surface overnight to allow sealant to settle in the bottom of the container. If sealant gets on threads of container, gentle heat may be necessary to open.

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