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Anderson Pens Sheaffer Snorkel O-ring - Small


Small O-rings are used for barrel seals on all Thin Model Snorkels and Touchdowns. This seal should always be replaced during restoration. Quantity discounted based on how many you need.

Products by Snorkel Solutions, an entity owned in full by Anderson Pens, are available for sale to end-user customers only. These products may not be bought for re-sale, either as a single product or coupled with others as a kit. Consequently, Anderson Pens reserves the right to refuse orders placed by customers who breach this condition or if Anderson Pens reasonably suspects, at its sole discretion, a customer has breached, or intends to breach this stipulation.

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12 Reviews

Paul S Oct 09, 2020


This is the perfect size o-ring to replace old ones in Sheaffer snorkel and tip-dip fountain pens. They provide a perfect seal to the pump when a little silicon grease is applied. (If you don't follow what I'm saying, you can ignore this review)

Chris Jun 06, 2020


This was the perfect fix for my new old stock Sheaffer Dolphin Touchdown. O-rings harden & crack over time. This fixed my issue of incomplete filling.

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