Anderson Pens Vacumatic Diaphragm Lubricant (15ml Bottle)

Anderson Pens

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Our Anderson Pens exclusive Vacumatic Diaphragm Lubricant comes in a 15ml glass bottle with an integrated brush for easy application. Vacumatic Diaphragm Lubricant is used to assist insertion of the Parker Vacumatic filling unit with diaphragm attached into the barrel during restoration. Apply a small amount on both ends of the diaphragm only (Do not apply to threads of the filing unit). This prevents the diaphragm from binding or twisting while screwing the filing unit into the barrel, assuring your newly restored pen is ready to go once the filling unit is tightened down. A simple solution to a nagging problem during Vacumatic repair! Unless you repair a lot of vacumatics, this will be pretty close to a lifetime supply.

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Please note that due to supply issues, the actual shape of the bottle may vary, but will always be a 15ml glass bottle.