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The copperplate style of calligraphy, characterized by thick downward strokes and hairline-thin upward strokes, is one of the most beautiful forms of this most beautiful art. The authors have taught copperplate calligraphy in many adult education courses. These years of invaluable experience are clearly evident in this book, making it the logical choice for anyone interested in this calligraphic style. There is no finer instruction for mastering the elegance of this popular form of calligraphy.

This remarkably simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow guide to copperplate lettering takes you step by step through the entire process: the nine basic strokes, how to assemble the strokes into lowercase and uppercase letters, how to join letters into words, and how to form numerals and punctuation. Bracketing the instructional chapters is information on materials and proper preparation as well as further suggestions. Sixty-four illustrations accompany the text and practical exercises are provided at each stage. The volume also contains guide sheets, in three different sizes, for use underneath your own translucent paper.

This book is a Dover Original.

1 Review

John Nosal May 23, 2018

Down and Dirty Guide

"This is a down and dirty guide for learning the Copperplate Style. This book is great if you already know a bit about doing calligraphy and already have a few letter forms under your belt. This book will also make a great reference if you need to brush up on your letter forms. It starts with the base strokes then moves into the various groups of strokes to form letters.
If you are brand new to calligraphy, I would recommend that you hold off on purchasing this book until you have more experience.
This book is a guide and not a workbook with space for practicing within the book. There are a couple of grid sheets in the back of the book that you can duplicate or use as an under sheet for a guide."

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