Conklin Steel Nib Unit - Black, Fine

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This Conklin steel nib unit in in black-plated Fine point is a threaded unit which will easily swap out in most Conklin pens.

3 Reviews

Daniel DB Jan 18, 2019

Replacing the unusable Conklin flex nib.

I have grown sick and tired of the flex nib on my Conklin Duragraph Limited Edition, cause it just never worked properly. So, now I have a pen that works fine. Wish they made this available in "extra fine", but "fine" will do for now. Nib writes smooth with a hint of feedback which I like... I have no issues with it so far.

Justin Clausen May 25, 2018

Not sure if it's you or me.

"The Conklin nib that I ordered for my Duograph, is exactly what I wanted. However, I'm still having some issues with the pen (ordered elsewhere). Seems to be a bit too heavy on the flow still (I pooched up the original nib, hence the need of a new one). Not sure where the issue is.
Love the look of the black nib as well as the way the fine point writes. "

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