Consignment Information

We are here to help! We are always in the market to handle pens on consignment!

We handle the consignment of groupings of pens from personal collections and estates. We take care of modest to very large collections of both vintage and modern pens. We also are equipped to deal with some ephemera, including desk sets, salesman sample kits, and other things, depending on the items.

We first offer an assessment of what you have, and then suggest the best way for you to move the pieces of your estate or collection. 

For a single pen, or very small quantities, you may be better served trying to sell these on your own, through some of the online pen collectors forums.

For larger groups of pens, or rare pieces, it may be advantageous to work with us. We have been active in the pen community for over 25 years, and have strong connections to collectors all over the world. Chances are, we probably know someone who wants what you have! We also have a physical store location in Appleton, Wisconsin, and a very large audience of active customers, all of which helps you to move the pieces of your collection that you are ready to let go of.

You can contact us by sending an email to us at The process will go more smoothly if you have photos or a list of what you have. We do understand that this may not be possible, but it is helpful at the start.