Cross Violet Ink (62.5ml Bottle)

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The perfect complement to a Cross fountain pen, this 2oz (62.5ml) glass bottle of Cross Violet fountain pen ink is formulated to provide both superior writing characteristics and complete chemical compatibility with Cross fine writing instruments. The newly designed bottle features an elegant glass body with a custom cap embossed with the new Cross lion logo. The new squared-off corners of the cap makes for easier gripping when opening and closing the bottle.

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Volume - 62.5ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Purple


2 Reviews

Charly Apr 08, 2019

Best true purple ink I’ve tried!

I’ve seen many purple inks shown with beautiful green sheen and tried most of them, but I have never been able to get a good sheen out of them! Not even with a q-tip! I bet this ink would sheen in an extra fine nib. It sheens non-stop in my Sailor medium nib. It is a beautiful true purple with great saturation and flow. Highly recommended.

Dianna Casey Nov 20, 2017

Great ink Great sheen

The ink comes in a nice glass bottle which is attractive and it has a nice wide opening.

The ink itself is a definite violet color with a nice green sheen. While that may not sound appealing, it is a very nice look.

I like the ink so much that when I dropped the cap, a drop of ink landed on my toe and I just left it there!

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