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De Atramentis 225 Years US Constitution Ink (35ml Bottle)

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35ml glass bottle of De Atramentis 225 Years US Constitution fountain pen ink. De Atramentis 225 Years US Constitution fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of turquoise. De Atramentis fountain pen inks are handmade in Germany exclusively by Dr. Franz-Josef Jansen.
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Volume - 35ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Blue, Turquoise

2 Reviews

Sean May 24th 2018

Hard to find.

A great Atlantic blue color. Happy to get a bottle of this hard to find ink.

Debi Nov 20th 2017

A surprisingly beautiful, soft color of blue

I tried this ink on a whim, expecting a "standard" light bluish turquoise. Not!

I first loaded it into my Lapis Lazuli Edison Pearlette 1.1 mm stub, and it turned out to be the perfect pen for this ink. It's not turquoise at all; it's more of a light slate blue. It's a soft, peaceful, restful blue. It's cool but not at all crisp; "soft" is the word that comes to mind. It's the color of blue I didn't know I was looking for in all my random sampling of blue inks.

And oh - it SHADES all over the place. On Kokuyo Shikkari loose-leaf paper, Apica notebooks, and Tomoe River alike. And although the stub nib really helps this ink shade, I found that it shades just as much in my Pilot Custom 92 medium point.

I'll just wind up by saying I have found my favorite color of blue ink. Not teal, or turquoise, or any of those other blues, but just "regular" blue; although this blue could hardly be called "regular." It's outstanding and I highly recommend it.

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