Sailor Empty Ink Cartridges (6 Pack)

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A pack of 6 Sailor empty fountain pen ink cartridges. Sailor fountain pen ink cartridges are proprietary, and only fit Sailor fountain pens that accept cartridges. Now you can refill cartridges with your favorite ink, without the hassle of emptying and cleaning out used cartridges! 

Each cartridge has the capacity to hold 1.5 times the capacity of a standard Sailor ink Converter. These also work with the new Sailor Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit. 



1 Review

Aaron W. Hsu Mar 25, 2021

Terrific "eyedropper" style solution for C/C pens

These are reinforced, free-flowing ink cartridges that can be used multiple times and are stronger than the standard cartridges. They give you a mini-eyedropper style feature in your Sailor pen. The wide mouth opening makes them easy to refill, and they have a great capacity that is up there with many piston filling systems. They are also more efficient with ink usage since you are not wasting ink on the nib that you wipe off when filling from a converter.

However, they are stiffer, and therefore, you should not try to squeeze them to "prime" your feed.

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