Diamine Autumn Oak Ink (80ml Bottle)

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80ml glass bottle of Diamine Autumn Oak fountain pen ink. Diamine Autumn Oak fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of orange.

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Volume - 80ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Orange

3 Reviews

Carl Wood May 23, 2018

Autumn Oak

The ink is close in color to Noodlers Apache Sunset but seems to have a deeper red component, shading it dependant on the amount of ink put down - nothing new there. I experienced a good flowing ink

Darlene Altschul May 23, 2018

Oak or Amber?

"I consider this shade in the range of ""ambers.""
In fact, it is quite similar to ""Amber"" by Pelikan (Edelstein series). But, this one has more red.
The best feature is its shading, very dramatic. The lighter tones are yellowish and the darker ones reddish or towards a ""rustic brown.""
I totally recommend Diamine's inks."

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