Diamine Classic Green Ink (80ml Bottle)

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80ml glass bottle of Diamine Classic Green fountain pen ink. Diamine Classic Green ink is a medium shade of green.

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Volume - 80ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Green

2 Reviews

Philip Guest Dec 25, 2021

A favorite ink!

Green ink was a challenge for me for the longest time. I don't like them too green, or too blue, but there's something in the murky olive area that I knew would be perfect for me - I just had to find it! The list of rejected options is too long to detail here, but eventually I forked out a bit extra to sample some Kobe greens. I now have three of those, #s 28, 45 and 49, each of which is superb. Then, for school, I was placing an order with Diamine (those wide, heavy glass bottles are ideal for students, and the price is good) and thought I'd give their Classic Green a try rather than my usual Emerald or Meadow. Boom! As soon as I sampled this I knew that it wasn't going to be for the students! I don't think it's better than the Kobe greens, but it's up there with them, and at a Diamine price (which, especially in England, is priced as a working tool for artists, rather than a luxury item for executive gifts!). Always in a pen with me and deservingly so!

Herbert Schulz Aug 09, 2021

A wonderful Olive Green Ink

I've loved green ink for many years. Many years ago I used to add a bit of Pelikan Black to Pelikan Green ink to make a lovely Green/Black I used for all my writing. One day I ended with a bottle of goop when one of the ink formulas changed. I then switched to Diamine Green/Black and used it until it became difficult to obtain. I started using my extra bottles carefully while looking for a substitute. A friend pointed to Sailor Jentle Epinard and I fell in love with it's wonderful dark olive color. (yes, I know it is supposed to be Spinach but it looks more olive to me) . Since Sailor has now discontinued that ink I then switched to Sailor's Tokiwa-Matsu in the Shikiori line of inks which is very close to Epinard. I really like that ink but it's rather expensive. I finally have settled on Diamine Classic Green which is also close to Tokiw-Matsu/Epinard in color, flows beautifully and leaves a nice, high contrast line that is easy to read.

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