Diamine Lavender Ink (80ml Bottle)

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80ml glass bottle of Diamine Lavender fountain pen ink. Diamine Lavender fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of purple.

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Volume - 80ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Purple

2 Reviews

Lori Jul 19, 2021

Great mid-purple w/nice shading qualities

There are a lot of dark purple inks and some nice light ones too, but not many in the mid-range. This one is my favorite. Premium quality ink at a nice price with tonal shading, easy cleaning and great performance on all papers I've tried. Not waterproof, if that is your prerequisite, but it checks all my boxes.

John Mar 30, 2020

Diamine Lavender

Diamine inks are generally well behaved, Lavender is no exception. Smooth flowing, nice rich color, some shading, and works well on a variety of papers. If you like inks in the purple family, this is a good one to consider.

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