Diamine Majestic Blue Ink (80ml Bottle)

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80ml glass bottle of Diamine Majestic Blue fountain pen ink. Diamine Majestic Blue fountain pen ink is a deep shade of blue.

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Volume - 80ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

3 Reviews

MrsDrG May 23, 2018

Just like Bic!

"So, back in my heathen pen days, I loved me some Bic blue. It had this rusty colour at the edges and was just bright enough to be noticeably blue at any distance but distant enough from turquoise to be respectable.

So, this ink is that colour. ""I'm a grown up"" blue with a bit of ""I'm also fun on certain papers."""

Garrett M May 23, 2018

Good looking but didn't perform well for me.

Majestic Blue was finnicky to start in all of my pens, even in my more notoriously wet writers. Unfortunately, it was also disagreeable during regular writing in all of my stub nib pens. A shame because this ink is very attractive in thick, wet lines.

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