Diamine Shimmertastic Firefly Ink (50ml Bottle)

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50ml glass bottle of Diamine Shimmertastic Firefly fountain pen ink. A red ink with gold metallic particles.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red

Special Properties - Shimmer

1 Review

Sean Jul 26, 2020

Nice Effect with this Ink

I really like the look of this ink when correctly applied (more in a minute). This color stands out on white paper, off-white, even Yellow legal pads. The shimmer is a nice touch that is not too obnoxious. It is like a cool metallic fleck in a really good car paint job. The only issue for me is that the metal fleck is not colloidal. It will settle to the bottom of the bottle very quickly, so you have to soak it immediately before filling your pen. This is not too strange, but it turns out it does the same thing in your pen. You have to shake the pen immediately before writing in order to get the shimmer effect on the page. If you don't, you will get the color, but there is no shimmer on the page. Not a killer, but probably something to remember.

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