Diamine Shimmertastic Golden Sands Ink (50ml Bottle)

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50ml glass bottle of Diamine Shimmertastic Golden Sands fountain pen ink. A rich yellow with gold metallic particles.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Yellow, Orange

Special Properties - Shimmer

5 Reviews

John Sutton May 25, 2018

Great for Christmas Cards

Don't generally expect to have a lot of use for a gold shimmer ink, but wanted to try it for Christmas cards and am more than pleased. It's not really dark enough for general writing, in my opinion, but for limited use it's great and it has a good amount of shimmer. Would definitely try other Shimmertastic colors based on my experience with this one.

Ali May 23, 2018

Beautiful ink, it really shimmers like golden sand

I don't really like shimmering inks that much because most of the beautiful shaded inks tend to be regular inks and not shimmering there is not need for shimmer because their colour speaks for itself. However, I just wanted to have a couple just for fun so I bought this Golden Sands and I also have Diamine Night Sky. I have a few other yellow inks that are very interesting such as Montblanc Golden Yellow, Noodler's Apache Sunset, Stipula Sapphron, D'Attrament Mahatma Gandhi and Diamine Sunshine Yellow but this one is a great addition to my collection because I wanted something that looks sparkly golden. I might try mixing some Golden Sands with one of these other inks for interesting effects, just for fun.

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