Diamine Shimmertastic Pink Glitz Ink (50ml Bottle)

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50ml glass bottle of Diamine Shimmertastic Pink Glitz fountain pen ink. A deep pink with gold metallic particles.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Pink

Special Properties - Shimmer

1 Review

Melody Palmer May 23, 2018

Tends to clog, but beautiful before it does

"The color was beautiful, as was the shimmer. It was exactly what I needed for a movie event at my library for signing ""autographs"" as Glinda the Good Witch with my TWSBI 580 stub nib. I knew going in that the particles can clog, I just didn't realize how quickly, because when I tried to use the pen the very next day, even though I moved the pen prior to using to redistribute the particles, it refused to write. Bottom line: I'd recommend the ink for VERY short-term use before flushing and re-inking with an ink that can be used for more than a few hours. It's beautiful and frankly, some days, sparkly ink makes everything better.
Excellent color
dried quickly
Con (yes, just 1, but it's enough to ding it a star, even though I love this ink and will use it happily when I need sparkly pink ink, which will probably happen fairly frequently)
clogs pen after a very short amount of time, less than a day"

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