Diamine Syrah Ink (80ml Bottle)

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80ml glass bottle of Diamine Syrah fountain pen ink. Diamine Syrah fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of burgundy.Having trouble deciding between colors? Use our Ink Comparison Tool to quickly and easily view different colors side by side.

Volume - 80ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Burgundy

2 Reviews

ADS1 May 23rd 2018

Syrah 0r Oxblood ?

"I just received the Syrah. It is generally a bit darker than the Oxblood. Again, it depends upon the width of nib, the wetness of the nib and the quality of the paper. Free-flowing and dense. I prefer the darker iterations and pen it accordingly. I note also that in the pen, over time, as there is some drying, it tends to darken as the water drys and the pigment or dye remains. Great ink! "

David Reed May 23rd 2018

The perfect color of maroon for Texas Aggies

I serve at St. Mary's - the Catholic campus ministry for Texas A&M University. I've been looking for a good Aggie Maroon ink to use when I sign documents. I think my search is at an end, though - a blind test by students had a unanimous result - Diamine Syrah was chosen as the ink closest to Aggie Maroon!

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