Diamond Ink Ink Bottle - 16oz (2023-0906-48)

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Diamond Ink Permanent Blue Black Record Autograph Fluid 16oz bottle. Fantastic label showing a chased eyedropper fountain pen with gold filled bands and a dip pen indicating, "Does not gum up the pen" and "Flows freely does not clog up". Some damage to dip pen nib portion of label and crack in hard rubber protective cover for nozzle.

**Vintage pens, or pens marked as Experienced will be considered for return only if they arrived to you as mechanically defective. Experienced pens may have small defects or scuffs, since they often have been pre-owned, and they have been priced accordingly. All Japanese Pen Nibs are graded as the manufacturer intended, that is, they will be finer than western counterparts (e.g. Japanese Medium is more like a Western Fine, Fine is more like an Extra Fine, etc.).