Empty Herbin 50ml Bottle

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Empty Herbin 50ml glass bottle. May or may not have some ink/residue left in it. The ink color shown on the bottle in the image is for display purposes only, and is not necessarily what you will receive. We will honor color requests when available, but this is not guaranteed in any way.

3 Reviews

CHANGKAN May 24th 2018

Great customer service

I hade a problem with one of my orders and the friendly staff responded instantly. Very satisfied with all my purchases.

Athena PN Nov 20th 2017

Gorgeous bottle!

This is a gorgeous faux-18th-century looking bottle, heavy glass & the cap really does look like sealing wax over a cork! I knocked off a star as the bottle opening is far too small for filling most pens (I use an Ink Miser or just stick my converter into the bottle, and don't use it for dip pens).

For those not familiar with this J.Herbin ink line the 'wax' top & seal on the bottle will be the color of the ink originally in the bottle, not necessarily the red shown in the photo (mine is green & quite attractive).

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