Empty Sailor 50ml Cube Bottle

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Empty Sailor 50ml cube shaped glass bottle. May or may not have some ink/residue left in it. The ink color shown on the bottle in the image is for display purposes only, and is not necessarily what you will receive. We will honor color requests when available, but this is not guaranteed in any way.

1 Review

Dan Nov 30, 2020

Great bottles

Bought these for a project I was working on. They are perfect cubes, and hold a good amount of ink (50 ml). They came with enough ink for me to swipe with a brush and do a small swatch card to see what the ink looked like. That was a nice bonus. The leftover ink rinsed out easily, the label was removed with little trouble, and now I have a perfectly-sized clear & empty bottle. Or six of them. It's my fault these are sold out now, sorry! Anyway, fast shipping, and well packaged by the Anderson team.

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