Esterbrook #6 Steel Nib Unit - Gold, Medium

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This modern Esterbrook #6 gold-plated steel Medium Jowo nib unit is a complete all-in-one nib and feed unit which screws into your Esterbrook Estie pen, and is designed like Esterbrook nibs of old.

** Please note that this nib will not fit original vintage Esterbrook pens. **

2 Reviews

R L Dec 21, 2021


Fast shipping, much appreciated. I bought this medium nib unit for my esterbrook estie that had a fine nib. The F was just so scratchy and took so much smoothing and tuning that I figured springing for the M nib would be a better writing experience. I was right! I just unscrewed the F unit and screwed in this M unit. It wrote well right away - smooth and wet. No tuning needed. I have small to medium handwriting and I can still write fairly small with this nib. It isn't too bold, which is always a gamble with M nibs. (It reminds me of the TWSBI M nibs, which I also really enjoy for my small handwriting.)

Ronald Guenette Oct 15, 2021

Great seller...One more Jowo nib.

I have 4 Esterbrook Estie pens and about 2 to 3 nibs (some are EF, F, M,and B) per pen. I ordered a M nib for one new Estie pen and this time the nib came not quite up to Jowo standards. The feed shoulder was not evenly set with the nib shoulders, the feed was not all the way in. I have 10 Jowo nibs for various pen manufacturers and they are all perfect! This was an outflier I'm sure. Anderson Pens is exchanging this nib for another one. As long as they are exchanging this M nib I'm also buying another B nib from them. Great seller!!!

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