Esterbrook #6 Steel Nib Unit - Silver, Medium

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This modern Esterbrook #6 steel Medium Jowo nib unit in Silver is a complete all-in-one nib and feed unit which screws into your Esterbrook Estie pen, and is designed like Esterbrook nibs of old.

** Please note that this nib will not fit original vintage Esterbrook pens. **

1 Review

AL Nov 27, 2020

Smooth and enjoyable

I purchased a tortoise Estie with a fine nib, expecting a broader line and less feedback than turned out to be the case. I love everything about the Estie, I just needed a slight bit of difference in the nib to make it my perfect pen. I picked up this medium nib, and now I'm golden. It puts down a line with about twice the width as the fine (on midori paper with Diamine Oxford Blue), and it's as smooth as satin. It has a wide "sweet spot," and is comfortable to write with across many angles

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