Esterbrook Dip-Less Nib - 5668, Firm Medium

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This Esterbrook Dip-Less Style replacement nib marked 5668 is a Firm Medium made of stainless steel. Esterbrook Dip-Less nibs are just the nib, with no feed or collar, and will not fit into the regular fountain pen bodies.

1 Review

Janice in GA Apr 04, 2021

Esterbrook nib curiosity

I'm dabbling in learning about dip pens and nibs. I'm also being sucked in by the lure of Esterbrook. (Don't ask.)
When I got this nib, I realized I might not have a nib holder that would work well with this nib. I had a few moments of consternation before I remembered the first nib holder I ever bought. I was able to use the nib with it! Hooray!
As for the writing experience: it's very nice. It's quite smooth, and seems to hold a good amount of ink per dip. I'm looking forward to using it more and learning more of what it can do.

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