Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Honeycomb with Gold Trim

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As the waning days of summer give way to the changing season, we present our newest Estie, a tribute to the prismatic beauty of a light-filled Honeycomb. Honey is as old as history itself. Used for more than 8000 years by ancient civilizations as a gift to the Gods, archaeologists excavating Egypt’s famous pyramids discovered tombs that contained still-edible 3000 year-old honey. Bees also know the magic of crystallized honey, storing and using it for food as fall arrives and winter approaches. The Estie Honeycomb is flecked with the colors of rich amber, golden sunsets, and is reminiscent of the rainbow of rustling leaves underfoot. Join us in welcoming the fall with this newest addition to the Estie range.

The Esterbrook name has been tied to writing and pens for over a century. The Estie is the newest evolution of the vision from the Esterbrook name.

The Estie is made of marbled lilac-colored acrylic resin with a gold-plated solid Palladium clip. The clip has been specially engineered to easily slide in or out of a shirt pocket without assistance while still maintaining a firm grip.

The newest Esterbrook is available with a #6 JoWo nib in extra fine, fine, medium, or broad. These nibs can be swapped with other JoWo nibs including the Anderson Pens #6 nibs! The Estie features a nib unit that can be removed easily so that cleaning is even quicker.

The Esterbrook Estie also includes a "Cushion Cap" closure system featuring a spring-loaded inner cap. This not only gives the cap a satisfyingly secure closure, but also prevents the nib from drying between uses!

Now for the biggest surprise of this new model. The Estie is designed to accept the specially designed Esterbrook MV (modern to vintage) nib adapter which is sold separately. The adapter allows the Estie fountain pen to accept an original Esterbrook Renew-Point nib! The MV adapter makes the Estie a perfect bridge between past and future Esterbrook pens. In fact, three Renew-Point nib options are available on this page for your convenience.

One cartridge and a converter are included with the Estie for convenience.

Please Note: some nibs may be 7-10 days for delivery.

1 Review

Joel Craig Feb 14th 2020

Not your father’s Esterbrook

My first exposure to Esterbrook pens was in the late 70s when my parents pulled some old pens out of their dresser drawer. It was the beginning of my love for fountain pens, using them throughout the rest of my schooling. A particular Esterbrook was my favorite, a marbled green beauty. While it was cool to look at, it was really nothing fancy otherwise, an economical utilitarian pen.

Not so with these new Esties. While still a treat for the eyes, these are high-quality pens made with quality materials. My other-half teases me about always using my “fancy pen,” but when I gave this Honeycomb Estie to her for Christmas, the teasing stopped once she inked it and began writing with it. It really is a stunning pen, and I may need to get one for myself.

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