Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Raven, Push Piston Filler


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The Esterbrook Estie Raven fountain pen is made of black acrylic acrylic resin that has been sand-blasted to give it a matte finish with a black-plated Palladium clip. The clip has been specially engineered to easily slide in or out of a shirt pocket without assistance while still maintaining a firm grip. The Esterbrook Estie Raven features a black-plated #6 JoWo nib that can be swapped with other JoWo nibs including the Anderson Pens #6 nibs! The Estie features a nib unit that can be removed easily so that cleaning is even easier.

The newly created filler is a little difficult to describe. Esterbrook calls it a button piston, a piston filler, and a push piston. It functions much like a Pilot Con-70 converter. To fill, unscrew and remove the blind cap at the end of the barrel, and push the button filler several times with a short pause in between each stroke. The ink will then fill inside the inner tube. This pen will ONLY fill from the bottle and will NOT accept cartridges or a converter. 

The Esterbrook Estie also includes a "Cushion Cap" closure system featuring a spring-loaded inner cap. This not only gives the cap a satisfyingly secure closure, but also prevents the nib from drying between uses!

Additional Esterbrook fountain pen nib units are available separately as well. 

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