Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Tortoise with Gold Trim

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Presenting the Esterbrook Estie! The Esterbrook name has been tied to writing and pens for over a century, and the Estie is the newest evolution of the vision from the Esterbrook name.

The Esterbrook Estie fountain pen in Tortoise with Gold trim is made of gorgeous brown marbled acrylic resin with a gold-plated solid Palladium clip. The clip has been specially engineered to easily slide in or out of a shirt pocket without assistance while still maintaining a firm grip. The Esterbrook Estie is available with a #6 JoWo nib that can be swapped with other JoWo nibs including the Anderson Pens #6 nibs! The Estie features a nib unit that can be removed easily so that cleaning is even quicker.

The Esterbrook Estie also includes a "Cushion Cap" closure system featuring a spring-loaded inner cap. This not only gives the cap a satisfyingly secure closure, but also prevents the nib from drying between uses!

The Estie is designed to accept the specially designed Esterbrook MV (modern to vintage) nib adapter which is sold separately. The adapter allows the Estie fountain pen to accept an original Esterbrook Renew-Point nib! The MV adapter makes the Estie a perfect bridge between past and future Esterbrook pens.

One short international cartridge and a converter for use with bottled ink are included with the Estie to get you started writing immediately.

Some nib options (Journaler, Scribe) may ship in 7-10 days.

** Please note that the Journal nibs are not marked as such. They start life as a Medium nib and are ground from that, so all Journaler nibs are originally marked as Medium. Scribe nibs are originally marked as Broad. ** 

2 Reviews

Norman Reid Oct 30, 2018

Estie is a winner!

I had only modest expectations for this pen, given that it's mid--priced and has a steel nib. Usually, I only purchase gold nibs. But I was very pleasantly surprised when I gave this pen a try. From the first stroke, it has written buttery smooth. And it feels good in my hand as well; the section is smooth and does not cut into my fingers like some other, more expensive pens. The bottom line is that this pen outperforms some of my more expensive pens. It has quickly become a great favorite of mine.

GA Oct 11, 2018

Excellent Pen

This pen is now one of my favorites. It is well made and is beautiful and writes so smooth. You must order it. I cant say enough about it.

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