Esterbrook MV Nib Adapter

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The Esterbrook MV Nib Adapter ("Modern to Vintage") allows the use of original vintage Esterbrook nibs in your modern Estie fountain pen, just screw in your pen, put your nib in place, attach the cartridge or converter and you are good to write! Comes with Converter. vintage esterbrook nibs sold separately.

Please note: Fits Standard and Oversized Estie model Esterbrook only. Does not fit Camden or JR series.

1 Review

steveH Nov 16, 2018

Esterbrook MV Nib Adapter

I got the MV adapter along with a Cobalt Estie recently, and have finally had some time to actually use it with one of my old Esterbrook nibs, a 9028. In brief, it works fine. Fit and finish matches the pen overall, and it feels good in my hand.

The converter looks a bit different to the one shown above, having a transparent knob, rather than the black one show. Function is OK, but it could be improved by including an agitator bead, as the ink doesn't wet the plastic, and can bead up away from the feed, needing a tap or slight shake to get the ink back to work.

I'm going to try a drop of PhotoFlo in one of my expendable inks, to see if it will make a difference. Switching to a different converter would be another option, except that it doesn't seem to fit standard international converters.

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