Faber-Castell International Converter

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This Faber-Castell converter is standard international size, and is suitable for all Faber-Castell fountain pens for use with bottled ink.


8 Reviews

wallijonn Nov 04, 2020

Faber-Castell Converter

A great Schmidt K5 type converter with a spring in the tube to better agitate thicker, higher dye load, more saturated inks. The only negative is that the metal tube ring does not unscrew like the Monteverde Schmidt K6 nor the Pelikan C499, so when ink starts to get past the seal it becomes more difficult to disassemble and lubricate the piston seal. If one is the type to change inks often it would be better to buy two, so that one can be used while the newly cleaned unit dries in two to three days. When flushing the Converter one can use a syringe or fill it with water, stop up the mouth and shake vigorously, until the water runs clear.

Scott May 24, 2018

New Standard International

"I bought a mess of Monteverde 'standard international' convertors to go in pens that might need them. They work fine in the Jinhao 250, which came with a junky converter, but when I slipped one into a Faber-Castelll Loom, results were less than satisfactory. The Monteverde fit loosely in the Loom and kept slipping off. Faber-Castell's own 'standard international' converter is the perfect solution and Anderson Pens had the right price on it ( a local brick and mortar pen shop wanted close to four times Anderson's asking price for the thing).

I am satisfied with my purchase and, so far, I am delighted with Anderson Pens: Fair prices and quick delivery. Thanks!"

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