Girologio 24 Pen Case - Bomber Tan

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The Girologio 24 pen leather pen case in bomber brown leather is designed to fit pens as large as a Montblanc 149. The 24 pen case has a zipper closure, features wide dual elastic straps to keep the pens separated, and measures 7.25 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

1 Review

Drew Mar 05, 2021

Great case

This is a great case. I bought a very similar Aston case around the same time and I would have been more satisfied actually having two of these Girologio.

My concern is with larger pens (Visconti Homo Sapiens, Conid King Size, Pelikan M1000) and this case handles them well.

I’ll compare the Aston and the Girologio:

Cost: The Aston was about 30% more expensive.
Construction: Both the Aston and the Girologio seem to be well built.
Leather: Both the Aston and the Girologio are quite nice; I slightly prefer the slick, firm leather of the Aston but that’s personal preference.
Operation: The Girologio has a slight but important edge. It feels a bit bigger where it counts. The inner flap that protects the two sides from one another is rigid which is mostly nice. I say “mostly” because it bends slightly when shutting over larger pens. Not a big deal. But the Aston has a thin velvet flap which works but the rigidity of the Girologio flap means more protection.

The Aston I had to stretch out by filling very tight with fabric and then zipping shut for 48 hours. The Girologio is just larger enough that I did not feel the need to do that.

Bottom line: The Aston is nice, but the Girologio was less expensive and best all it accommodates my larger pens quite well.

Pro Tip: For large pens that also have prominent clips, like the Visconti Opera Master, I simply rotate them in the case so the clip doesn’t directly conflict with the other side when closed. It’s helpful to be strategic when placing pens; I keep smaller Japanese pens opposite my larger Italian pens. That helps utilize the space efficiently.

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