Hobonichi 2024 Cover on Cover - Kanako Kagaya: Familiar Sights - A6, Techo


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The Hobonichi A6 sized Kanako Kagaya: Familiar Sights Cover on Cover is an optional, extra clear plastic covering with motifs of daily life with silver diagonal lines, that fits select Hobonichi Techo covers to protect them from wear and tear. (This is not for use directly on the Techo book.) It also provides a place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations to spruce up the look of your cover. Feel free to fill it with family pictures, travel post cards, and other things that cheer you up! An opening located in the back allows to still make use of the back pocket of your cover.

The Hobonichi Cover on Cover is designed exclusively for Colors and Print Covers, therefore, it may be used or may not fit when attached to other covers. Also, when used for leather covers or synthetic leather covers, the plasticizer contained in the material (soft PVC) may react with the dye contained in the leather, causing discoloration or deterioration.

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