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Ink Miser - Ink-Shot Inkwell, Clear

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Never waste a drop! This stand-alone clear conical inkwell helps you easily fill your pen. This clever inkwell is especially helpful when the volume gets low in your bottle of ink, and for large pens that don't fit well in bottles with narrow neck openings or in our 3ml sample vials. A disposable pipette is included to assist you.

1 Review

Elizabeth Martin Nov 20, 2017

Wonderful service!

Having Anderson Pens come to my local pen show was such a treat - almost like being in a pen store of which there are none near me. My preordered item was ready and waiting for me and I was touched that Lisa remembered my name each time I circled the room back to their table. I will definitelybe buying more from AP soon and look forward to seeing them at another show.

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