InkZap! Ink Remover for Hands

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If you love fountain pens, then you know that ink accidents occur. With InkZap!™ in your arsenal, you can let it happen and no longer be embarrassed by unsightly ink stains on your hands when in a business meeting, at a dinner party, or just among friends and family. You can go from a colorful mess to inspection ready in just a matter of minutes. In actual use, professional pen restorers say InkZap! is the best ink remover for your hands they have ever used. Order a jar for both home and work, and never be embarrassed by unsightly ink stains on your hands again.

This is sold by weight in an oversized jar so that you can dip your fingers in a new jar without it overflowing.

8 Reviews

Nichole Hawkins Feb 26th 2019


This stuff is amazing! I was shocked at how well it removed ink from my fingers after a pen leak. I will definitely be buying more when I run out. I suspect that won’t be for a long time because it takes very little at a time. I also couldn’t believe how fast it worked. I highly recommend this product!

José Manuel LACLETA MICHELENA May 29th 2018

Finally a replacemenmt for Ink Nix!

It seems the same product under a new label. Smells the same. I have been using Ink Nix for the last 4 years or so, and since I read news it was discontinued, I have been waiting for a similar product, or actually for the same formula produced by a different brand. I am verry happy to have gotten hold of a tin of InkZap! Thank You to the Andersons! The product is a must, so quick, efficient, practical! I hate inky fingers and this mix efficiently and quickly removes stains from your hands.

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