Judikins MicroGlaze (1oz Bottle)


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Judikins MicroGlaze is a specialty product for calligraphers and artists, developed by a small art studio in the USA to protect hand decorated papers.

The thin and easy-to-apply coating of wax protects projects from water, air and oxidation. MicroGlaze can be used on paper, wood, metal and many other materials.

Environmentally friendly, MicroGlaze is the perfect choice for protecting most paper surfaces. Just rub a tiny dab (this is key, a tiny bit is best) on any paper surface, and spread very thinly over the area to be protected. The area is now water resistant from water stains or smears from routine handling. MicroGlaze is unobtrusive and hard to detect on paper surfaces. Always do a test on a small area first.

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